Sunday, April 18, 2004

Ferdinand Protzman, the Washington Post's former galleries critic will discuss his new book and sign copies at Fraser Gallery Bethesda on Sunday, April 25, 2004 from 1-3 PM as part of the Bethesda Literary Festival.

The book is Landscape : Photographs of Time and Place and signed copies will be available at the gallery.

Among the photographers included in the book are masters like Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz, along with contemporary photographers, such as Richard Misrach and Sally Mann.

Richard Polsky on Why Some Artists Never Make It Big.

Henry Allen, the Washington Post's Pulitzer-prize winning critic (and one whom I wish would write more often about the visual arts) has an exceptional article in today's Sunday Arts discussing salon-style hanging and the Renwick's Grand Salon.

A few years ago I curated a huge show for the Athenaeum in Alexandria. It was "Survey of Washington Area Realists." We hung nearly 200 artists in that beautiful Greek building - it was a terrific show that showcased the work of nearly every painter in this region, both well-known and emerging working in a realist style. It was (and remains) the Athenaeum's best-attended exhibition.

It was a massive undertaking to fill that space, floor to ceiling with work, but in the end it was such an impressive sight, that I truly understand Allen's words in today's piece.