Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Call for Sidewalk Art in Takoma Park
Deadline: Tuesday, June 08

The City of Takoma Park is soliciting proposals for sidewalk art. The selected work is to be incorporated in a larger streetscape project planned for Carroll Avenue this summer.

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all artists or artist teams

PROJECT BUDGET: $10,000 (includes but is not limited to artist fees, materials, fabrication, and installation)

DEADLINE FOR PROPOSALS: Proposals must be submitted to the City of Takoma Park's Procurement Officer, 7500 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park MD 20912, by 5:00 pm on June 8, 2004.

GENERAL DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS: The selected artwork is to be located along one side of the Carroll Avenue sidewalk and installed at ground level. It must be essentially flush with the surface of the sidewalk to avoid the creation of a tripping hazard.

The area in which the selected artwork is to be installed is best described as a slightly undulating 6-inch ribbon or strip, 800-feet in length that is broken up by driveways and intersecting streets and private walks. The selected artwork will be located along the sidewalk, nearest the residences. The sidewalk, to be constructed of poured concrete, will be 4-inches thick.

The following general design considerations have been developed to guide the selection of the artwork.

·Artwork should be of an original, site-specific design and may include text, found objects, texture, ornamental symbols, and/or color.

·Artwork may be continuous in its appearance or located at scattered sites along the defined project area. It must not impede or hamper the smooth flow of pedestrians along the sidewalk or create a tripping hazard.

·Artwork should be complementary to the historic context and architectural character of the neighborhood and planned streetscape improvements.

·Artwork must withstand prolonged exposure to local weather conditions.

FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: More detailed information and a copy of the Request for Proposal can be found on the City's web site at www.cityoftakomapark.org

For more info:
Takoma Park
t: 301.891.7224 or SaraD@takomagov.org

Gateway Georgia Avenue Revitalization Corporation is seeking arts teachers for all ages for a first floor 350 sq.ft. classroom space with lots of natural light. Beginning in September, the space can be used for dry art classes, such as painting, drawing, quilting, crafts etc.

The classroom space will be a part of a proposed 3,100 sq.ft. arts incubator with artist studios and a gallery. The space sits under a newly-renovated apartment building in Silver Spring, on the corner of 13th and Kennett St. with public parking across the street. According to the Dept. of Housing and Community Affairs, 1,400 units of new housing will be built within a 2 block radius of the space over the next 3 years. The adjacent Shepard Park community has an average household income of $138,523 and 23% of the households have children.

If you have any questions, or are interested in learning more about teaching opportunities at the space...

For more info:
Gateway Georgia Avenue Revitalization Corporation
t: 301.562.1400 or f: 301.562.5945 or david@gatewaycdc.com or www.gatewaycdc.com