Thursday, May 27, 2004

Ned Rifkin, director of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden passes that J. Tomilson Hill has been elected as the Chairman of the Hirshhorn's Board of Trustees.

Pretty fast move up the chain for Hill, who joined the Board in 1998 and served as Vice Chair two years later. Congratulations!

Some new shows...

Andrea Rowe Kraus has paintings and prints at Studio Gallery at Dupont Circle until June 13.

Paintings and sculpture by Korean artist Nong are on exhibit at Dega Gallery in McLean until July 3.

Richard Whiteley has new landscape paintings at Gallery West in Alexandria.

Mobiles by David Yano and abstract paintings by Marsha Hall share the gallery at Creative Partners in Bethesda.

Addison/Ripley in Georgetown has new work by Dan Treado until June 19.

Wayne Trapp has an Introspective on exhibition at Zenith Gallery downtown until June 6.

Nancy Sausser reviews "Expanding Realities", in today's Post. The show is curated by Sarah Tanguy and is currently on exhibition at the American Center for Physics.

God as an art critic?

As most of you probably know by now, the cream of the Saatchi YBA art collection, not including Chris Ofili's infamous dungwork The Holy Virgin Mary, which survives in the Saatchi Gallery, was destroyed a few days ago in a fire in London.

You can see most of the destroyed collection here.

The destruction of any artwork, no matter one's opinion of the "art" itself, is always to be lamented. However, in the case of the YBA's art lost in this fire, I wonder if it will have an "Elvis" effect on that work, and leave a sort of legendary (if ethereal) footprint on the pages of art history.

I submit that it will, and in fact it may be a brilliant (if unintended) act of marketing!

Since some of the British art world's leading prognosticators think that figurative art may be the "next big thing in art," I wouldn't be surprised to see this master marketeer make an 180 and start a "new" collection of figurative art.

I can hear the howling already...

In the Post today, Jessica Dawson reviews Leo Villareal at Conner Contemporary and Joe White at Edison Place Gallery.