Monday, June 07, 2004

Super busy week!

Through the week I have to mat and frame about twenty pieces for a show I'm doing this coming weekend.

This Tuesday we have a small closing reception for Tim Tate's spectacularly successful show in Bethesda.

This Thursday I will be presenting an abbreviated version of the Success as an Artist seminar at the VSA International Arts Festival, taking place at multiple locations in Washington D.C., June 9 - 12 and coinciding with VSA arts' celebration of its 30th anniversary.

Drone by Koen Later that evening, at 7 PM, I will be moderating a panel at the Art League in Alexandria. The panel will discuss art and self portraits. Panel members are Dr. Carolyn Carr, Deputy Director & Chief Curator, National Portrait Gallery, Michael O'Sullivan, art critic from the Washington Post, and Prof. Chawky Frenn, perhaps our area's most celebrated self-portrait-obsessed artist.

And Friday is the Bethesda Art Walk and we will have a photography group show surveying work by contemporary photographers from the US and abroad. The show includes work by Joyce Tenneson, Jan Saudek, Martha Maria Perez Bravo, Deborah Nofret Marrero, Viktor Koen (his "Drone" is pictured), Elsa Mora, Cirenaica Moreira and many more.