Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Art scam...

For artists and galleries who have online websites where your work can be ordered: Beware of a scam that has been going on for a while, in which you'll get an email from someone wanting to order your art and they will pay you with a credit card.

The scam artists usually want the work shipped to Nigeria (have also seen it from Indonesia) and you to also charge the shipping fees and custom duties to the credit card).

The cards, of course, are stolen, but will show up OK for a day or two after you receive their email order.

To try to defeat international credit card orders scams, you should ask them to fax you or email you a JPG of the front and back of their card showing their true name. Then check with your bank.

Fusebox Gallery is hosting a benefit for Transformer Gallery on Wednesday, June 30, 2004 from 7 – 10 PM.

Hors d'oeuvres generously provided by Perry's Restaurant. Wine and beer generously provided by Buck's Fishing and Camping. Music generously provided by DJs Yellow Fever and the Punani Sound System (ESL Music). Invite design generously provided by kaze design.

Fusebox is at 1412 14th Street, NW, WDC

Attendance is $50 per person to be paid at the door (checks or cash, please).

Silent auction bidding will take place from 7-9pm. Auction sales will be announced at 9pm. Check and cash sales only. All works sold at the auction are to be taken that night.

Participating artists include: Gabriel Abrantes, Brian Balderston, Alex Blau, Laura Carton, Chan Chao, Frank Day, Mary Early, Jason Falchook, Adam Fowler, Carole Greenwood, Jason Gubbiotti, Ryan Hackett, James Huckenpahler, Erick Jackson, Judy Jashinsky, George Jenne, Jae Ko, Pepa Leon, Mimi Masse, Maggie Michael, William Newman, Piero Passacantando, Beatrice Valdes Paz, Lucian Perkins, Paul Roth, Jose Ruiz (winner of the 2003 Fraser Gallery Young Artist Award), David Simmons, Dan Steinhilber, Champ Taylor, Trish Tillman, Ian Whitmore, Catherine Yelloz and Jason Zimmerman.

And talking about the success of silent auctions, Joe Barbaccia sent me this interesting article on the subject published last Sunday in the Philly Inky.