Friday, August 20, 2004

John Rockwell writes today in the New York Times Arts section:

"A lot of art, especially of the past, has set out to be beautiful; a lot of art, especially of the present, has set out to be ugly... And yet there has been a kind of semi-guilty underground cult of beauty that has persisted through our ugly times.

...Art moves in cycles, reacting against what came just before. Maybe some of us have grown weary of being hectored by films, by flashy images and loud music and conventional stories, however well told, that dictate what we should be feeling. At least some of us, at least occasionally, downright crave an antidote in the form of pure beauty."
I think that the Arts Editor of the NYT may be a closet mossback!

Thanks AJ!

Swedish cowOur "public art" pandas are getting vandalized, one has even been stolen, but as Tracy Lee points out, in Sweden (where they have cows instead of pandas as public art), some local Stockholm artists have taken matters into their own hands and kidnapped one and are staging a protest.

There are 68 more fiber-glass cows grazing on pavements, squares and in shop-windows all around Stockholm.

The cows are part of Cowparade and the concept and cows are apparently traveling all over the world. Website here.

Thanks to the several readers who emailed me with a definition of "mossback."

1. An old shellfish or turtle with a growth of algae on its back.
2. An old, large, or sluggish fish.
3. An extremely conservative or old-fashioned person.
So, I'm definately a mossback!