Friday, October 15, 2004

Tonight was the opening night for the Canal Square Galleries and it was somewhat diluted by the rain (good pun uh?).

Still... I got the chance to meet J.T. Kirkland, author of Thinking About Art and his lovely date, as well as to chat with Philip Barlow, who seemed a little worn out about the whole OPTIONS 2005 controversy (more articles in the Washington City Paper and Washington Post to come in the next few days), but firm in his beliefs nonetheless. My kudos to Barlow for sticking to his beliefs.

Today's Washington City Paper has a letter from Alex Belifante, where this smart, art-gallery-food-eating-machine defends himself. Belifante is one of the "grubs."

By the way, the grubs" came out to the openings tonite, and most of them came, drank, ate and left, but I didn't see Belifante and Coxe come into the gallery; I hope they're not mad at me (what am I saying!).

Today is the 3rd Friday of October and thus the five Canal Square Galleries in Georgetown have their new shows. Openings are from 6-9 PM and are catered by the Sea Catch Restaurant, also located in the Canal Square (31st Street and M in Georgetown).

We will have the DC debut of Bay Area figurative painter Douglas Malone, Best of Show winner of the 2003 Georgetown International Fine Arts Competition.

Many of the artists will be present in the five galleries. We will also have plenty of our famous Sangria. Free and open to the public.

See you there!

Funky Furniture Artists to Stage a Protest at City Museum

The artists whose "Funky Furniture" exhibition was cancelled by the City Museum will be removing their artwork from the museum and then conducting a protest outside the Museum on Monday, October 18 from 6-8 PM.

Directions to the museum are here. Support to the artists is encouraged!

Funky Furniture will be installed in and part of the Art-O-Matic 2004, where it will certainly become Art-O-Matic's main attraction!