Thursday, November 18, 2004

Jeffry Cudlin reviews Dan Flavin in the current issue of the City Paper, and Lou Jacobson dismisses Chan Chao's new (but really his old) work at Numark.

Chris Shott in the WCP has a really good article on the costs of staging Artomatic.

So far they are $56,197 in the hole.

Time for one of our area's generous donors or billion dollar corporations to step up to the plate?

Maybe the Washington Post?

I like irony.

Am I the only one noticing a pattern emerging from the diverse set of "top ten" lists of Artomatic artists that I have been getting and publishing?

Art is subjective, but you do not have to be a Cryptologist (I am) to detect the pattern beginning to emerge from the lists coming in from people with signifcantly diverse interests, backgrounds, tastes, and agendas.

I'll publish the definite Art-O-Matic Top 10 List at the end of the show. It will a list derived and mathematically compiled from the various lists that I have received and am still receiving.

Then I will see if I can figure out a way to get those artists in that list on a group show somewhere.

McLean Center for the Arts, Ellipse, Target Gallery, DCAC, Transformer, Corcoran (cough, cough) or any other art space out there... feel free to email me and offer your wall space next year; Gopnik review practically guaranteed!

For Women Photographers

The next Secondsight meeting for women photographers will be held on Thursday, December 2 at 6.30pm.

The meeting will take place at the Fraser Gallery, 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda Place, MD 20814.

The Fraser Gallery is two blocks from the Bethesda metro station and there is ample free parking. The guest speaker will be Connie Reider.

Meetings are free for members, $10 for guests. Please visit for more information or call Catriona Fraser at 301 718-9651. Please RSVP to

Faith Flanagan's Top Ten Plus Artomatic List

Faith Flanagan is a local art fan, collector in the rough, and sometime guerilla curator. She has never been a particular fan of AOM, but strongly believes that it should not be dismissed in its entirety by those with the wit, charm, and intellect to know better.

Kathryn Cornelius
Liz Duarte
Matt Dunn
Dave Savage
Dylan Scholinski
Matt Sesow
Ira Tattelman
Kelly Towles
Bridget Vath

+ (cheating just a tad)

Overall Team Response: Eye Candy
Alan Callander, Ian Jehle and Karen Joan Topping

All about the Ladies: Girlz Club Members: Judy Jashisky, Lynda Hesh, Candace Keegan, and Ami Martin Wilbur.

Grammar.police Top Ten Artomatic List

Kriston from Grammar.police writes an eloquent review of his Artomatic visit and also delivers his top ten list:

Scott Brooks
Chris Edmunds
Nina Ferre
Linda Hesh
Ian Jehle
Syl Mathis
Allison Miner
Tim Tate
Kelly Towles
Amy Martin Wilber

Jesse Cohen mistyped the URL of DCARTNEWS (which is and instead Jesse typed

This is what Jesse got instead of DC ARTNEWS.

Is that weird or what?

I love the Internet.

Jessica Dawson has a few mini-reviews in today's Style section of the Post.

Natalie Koss' Top Ten Artomatic List

Natalie Koss is the art critic for On Tap Magazine, and after several hours of walking through Art-O-Matic, she has selected and sent me the following list:

Chad Alan
Michele Taylor
Brett Davis
Thomas Edwards
Kayti Didriksen
Amy Marx
Mark Planisek
John Aaron
Laura Seldman
Tim Tate

Alex Katz will be delivering a lecture at the Corcoran on Monday, November 22, starting at 7:00pm.

In this evening, Alex Katz discusses the scope of his career from its beginnings in the 1960s and the major role he has played in the emergence of new perceptual realism in painting.