Saturday, November 20, 2004

Anne C. Fisher's Top 10 Artomatic List

Anne C. Fisher is the director of the Anne C. Fisher Gallery in Georgetown. She sends me her Artomatic favorites with asterisks for top ten. The list is ordered alphabetically, not in order of preference.

* Chad Alan
* Jean Beebe
Elena C. Bland
* Jennifer Morgan Brill
* Aaron Quinn Brophy
Andrea Cybyk
Thomas Edwards
* eyecandy (Ian Allen, Allen B. Callander, Ian Jehle, Joan Topping)
Claudia Feldman
Pattie Porter Firestone
* Linda Hesh/Ami Martin Wilber
IDB Cultural Center Group
Judy Jashinsky
Amy Marx
* Minna Newman Nathanson
Martha Olsson
* Mary Beth Ramsey
Kim Reyes
* G. Byron Peck
Lisa Schumaier
Luis Scotti (promising student)
Sunray (Ray Jacobs) (stated as personal healing through art)
Ira Tattelman
Colin Winterbottom

Claudia Rousseau's Artomatic Top Picks List

Dr. Claudia Rousseau is the art critic for the Gazette newspapers and while she lived in Latin America she was also one of the most recognized and respected Latin American newspaper art critics.

Dr. Rousseau visited Art-O-Matic and has the following list of her top picks:

1. Alison Sigethy
2. Mary Beth Ramsey
3. Chris Edmunds
4. Tim Tate
5. Michael Janis
6. Tiik Pollet
7. Syl Mathis
8. Inga McCaslin Frick
9. J.S. Adams
10. luckyghost (anonymous author of the Mysterious Bottles Project)

also noted by Dr. Rousseau were:

Joyce Zipperer
Richard Dana
John Olson
Adam Hoffberg
Shannon Chester

Rockville Arts Place Hosts Arts Panel on Sunday

The Rockville Arts Place will be hosting The Artist and the Internet: A Panel Discussion tomorrow, Sunday 21 November from 1 to 2:30PM.

The panel is comprised of Malik Lloyd, publisher of FindArt Info Bank, web designer and artist Todd Baxter Dawson and yours truly.

The discussion will focus on ways in which artists can use the Internet as a valuable resource for information, community and self promotion. I have been surprised as to the large number of Artomatic artists who have made it to various people's Top 10 List and yet have no website or footprint on the Web.

The Panel discussion will preceed the opening of the exhibit "Minimum/Maximum" that same afternoon. The exhibition features work by Trawick Prize finalist Jo Smail.

The panel is free to Rockville Arts Place members and $10 to everyone else.

Lou Stovall, Donna Oetzel and Daniel T. Brooking all have letters in today's Washington Post discussing Blake Gopnik's rootcanalization of Artomatic.

Brooking writes:

"As one of Artomatic's mediocre artists, I have to say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I joined Artomatic because the work is not juried or censored. The great thing is that anyone can join and have their work displayed without having someone's prejudiced, narrow-minded precepts attempt to determine the worthiness of another's creativity.

Many of the established schools of art started out as a revolt against the status quo. Artomatic offers a range of art styles and mediums; I encourage the public to come out and see what is offered. Some of the work you'll like and some you won't, but you won't go away bored. It's been a long time since I've seen such vehemence in a review."