Tuesday, December 07, 2004

One of the main reasons that the WaPo Style and acting Arts Editor have for reducing their “Galleries” coverage by 50% is the unexpected quitting of Glenn Dixon. It is thus apparently “too hard” for them to look for a replacement freelancer to augment Jessica Dawson’s coverage.

“Lack of available print space” was an older excuse that the Post hierarchy once gave me when I challenged them as to why they only had one “Galleries” column a week, while they have extensive multi column coverage of theatre, opera, performance, movies, dance, books and music.

And yet, yesterday's Post was a good example of the kind of pap that the Style section offers its readers and which takes up valuable print space.

No, no, I am not referring to their orgasmic coverage of the Kennedy Center awards; well-deserved and my congratulations to all the award winners (are visual artists eligible for these awards? Has any visual artist ever been nominated? If not, who could we nominate?).

Back to the pap:

One is a piece by freelancer Jennifer Silverman titled “Swinging Singles, Lost in a Forest of Smug Marrieds,” and the other beauty is by freelancer Martha Randolph Carr titled “That Wonderful Glorious Summer of Perfect Hair.”

They don't even deserve a hotlink.

Makes my head hurt…

I'm on the road, presently in San Diego. My laptop is acting up and I have a busy schedule, but I will be posting sporadically and at odd times. I have several last AOM Top 10 Lists from AOM artists, plus some more commentary on the Post, plus the adress of a new restaurant in San Diego which makes the best mole in the world!