Friday, January 21, 2005

Openings Tonight

Tonite we have the five Canal Square Galleries (MOCA, Fraser, Anne C. Fisher, Parish and Alla Rogers) having our openings. We and Anne C. Fisher have a select group of Artomatic artists. Come and join us from 6-9 PM for some Sangria and good art.

Canal Square is at 31st Street and M, NW in Georgetown.

See ya there!

The Weekend Review

Michael O'Sullivan has a superb review of the Arlington Arts Center's re-opening show.

Read it here.

Info needed

I've received a series of emails in reference to the comments about the DC Warming Panel made by Anon. It has been called "near fiction."

I could really use some help from any of the forty-plus people who were there to please comment on what is fictional or made up in the posting. I asked for comments and feedback when I posted it, and I renew that call.

Update: Sharp as always, Kriston nails it. I owe him a beer.

Update Two: I've now received a series of emails from people who attended the panel, and the only thing that seems to be in question about Anon's facts (I stress "facts" and not "opinions," which are his/her right to make) was the issue of the Pollan question and how/if it was answered.

DC Warming Report Three

Kriston has it over at Grammar.police