Friday, January 28, 2005

Opportunities for Artists

The Whitney Museum of American Art has announced the two curators of the forthcoming "2006 Whitney Biennial Exhibition," considered by many to one one the nation's leading shows of contemporary American art.

The 2006 exhibition is being organized by Philippe Vergne, the French-born senior curator at the Walker Art Center and who has been named director of the new Fran├žois Pinault Foundation for Contemporary Art in Paris, and the other curator is the Whitney's own Chrissie Iles, curator of Film and Video for the museum.

As originally discussed by ANABA, and according to the museum's website , artists who wish to submit materials for the show should send proposals to:

Biennial Coordinator
Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Ave.
New York, N.Y. 10021

All submissions to be considered for exhibition in the Biennial should include the artist's biography or resume, a brief description of the proposed work, and between six and eight images. Recommended formats for images include slides, computer printouts, digital images on a CD_ROM, audio CDs, or VHS videotapes. They do not accept original artworks in the submission package.

A word of warning: The forementioned website page appears to be a leftover from 2004, but I suspect that it would be all the same for 2006. Deadline is unclear, but for the 2004 Biennial it was August of 2003, so assume that the deadline for the 2006 Biennial will be August of 2005.

I join Martin in calling for everyone to submit a package. With a foreign curator from the wilderness of Minnesota, there may just be a crack in the "New York only" filter this coming year.

I suggest that everyone also send their home movies to Iles. Who knows what great undiscovered art may be found in your kid's birthday party celebration? And if you've got any kinky sex home videos, even better - look how far it got Andrea Fraser!

P.S. I'll gladly (cough, cough) review any of the latter type home videos, in case you want an artsy opinion before you ship them to Iles.

Lucelia Artist Award Nominees for 2005 Announced

The Smithsonian American Art Museum has announced the nominees for the museum's 2005 Lucelia Artist Award. According to the press release, "nominated artists show a sustained commitment to distinctive work that challenges conventional thinking and expectations about the nature of art. This award is part of the museum's continued commitment to contemporary art and artists through awards and acquisitions."

The 15 artists nominated for the award this year are Doug Aitken, Matthew Barney, Andrea Fraser, Tom Friedman, Ellen Gallagher, Roni Horn, Byron Kim, Maya Lin, Jennifer Pastor, William Pope.L, Fabian Marcaccio, James Siena, Catherine Sullivan, Lisa Yuskavage and Andrea Zittel. Nominated artists work in a diverse range of media including architecture, film, installation, mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture and video.

"The Smithsonian American Art Museum is pleased to acknowledge the significantc ontributions by these selected artists to the vibrant conversation taking place in the contemporary art world today," said Elizabeth Broun, the museum's Director.

The Lucelia Artist Award, established in 2001, annually recognizes an American artist under the age of 50 who has produced a significant body of work and consistently demonstrates exceptional creativity. Jurors nominate artists who will be recognized as one of the most important and influential artists of his or her time.

The $25,000 award is intended to encourage the artist's future development and experimentation. Previous winners were Kara Walker (2004), Rirkrit Tiravanija (2003), Liz Larner (2002) and Jorge Pardo (2001).

The award winner is determined each year by a panel of five distinguished jurors elected from across the United States, each with a wide knowledge of contemporary American art. Jurors determine the award winner in a day of discussion and review and remain anonymous until the winner is announced. Past jurors have included John Baldessari, Dan Cameron, Lynne Cooke, Richard Flood, Gary Garrels, Elizabeth Murray, Jerry Saltz and Robert Storr. The jurors remain anonymous until after the award is announced.

Sidra Stich, executive director for the Lucelia Artist Award, and not the SAAM, is the one who invites jurors to participate and she coordinates the nomination and jurying process. Since the 1970s, she has specialized in contemporary and modern art as a curator, teacher and writer. Stich is also the director of "art SITES," a series of contemporary art, architecture and design handbooks published in San Francisco. Applications are not accepted for this award. The 2005 winner will be announced in April.

The New York-based Lucelia Foundation, which funds the award, supports the visual arts, specifically 19th-century American and contemporary art.

By the way, SAAM is scheduled to reopen on July 4, 2006.