Saturday, January 29, 2005

Critical Alignment (Is this the beginning of the U-turn?)

Witless, forgettable and silly Brit critics (and fools like me who take the hook), still debate why painting is King of the Hill, or is it? Or is it dying again?

Yawn... read it here.

The height of traditional, academic, old-fashioned, typical, elitist Artspeak writing is reflected in these words about Damien Hirst's overrated "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living" (... you know... that shark in formadelhyde that's now rotting and that, as Kriston points out, is heading to NYC):

To think of the shark gone makes me feel oddly uneasy. Lord knows, we British have had enough opportunities to see it, especially since it was the main attraction at County Hall until only a few moments ago. But it still seems a bathetic end for the old death threat, to be installed in Manhattan's Moma [sic] and inspected as an English eccentricity by the lizards of Fifth Avenue between a spot of brunch and some light shopping at Barney's.
Lizards! Fifth Avenue Lizards! Do they look like that GEICO Lizard?

Ooops! I mean Gecko; not Lizard.

I assumed that a Gecko is a Lizard, with apologies to all Lizard-Americans and Gecko-Americans... in case that I am wrong.