Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tuesday Gallery Walkthrough

Starting last week, DCist commenced a Tuesday Arts Agenda, which consists of a regular Tuesday posting of galleries and museums events. See the most recent one here.

A ship, a radio and a sigh...

Today was a brilliant day in San Diego. Bright, almost pure white sunshine like only seems to exist in Southern California and Andalusia.

I caught the spectacular sight of USS Carl Vinson (from the great vantage point of Point Loma) as that huge carrier got underway, with the Air Wing already embarked, which is unusual, since they usually fly onto the carrier after it is a few miles out to sea. Hundreds of small sail boats crowded the bay, saying farewell to the ship (and making the job of the Officer of the Deck twice as hard as he or she has to steer a floating airport gingerly and avoid the hundreds of well-wishers).

But what really struck me today, was that as I was driving around, the local NPR radio station had a gallery and museum walk-though! And this is in a town where at best there are half a dozen good art galleries and a couple of good museums!

I don't know if this is a regular feature or not here, since it is apparently "museum month" in San Diego, but I thought to myself: wouldn't it be nice if some of our local NPR outlets (there are several that cover the DC area) had regular gallery walk-thoughs on the air, just to let their listeners know that art galleries do exist in Washington?

Just to let people know that we have well over 100 fine art galleries, museums, non profits and other art venues around our area.

Wishful thinking...