Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Synergy Winners Announced!

Alexandra Silverthorne has a list of the artists selected for the Synergy Project.

Read the winning teams here.

Arts Agenda

The DCist Tuesday Arts Agenda is here.

Seven Update Two

Together with some of the artists already selected for Seven, we walked through the spaces again on Monday.

There are so many nooks and crannies in the seven separate spaces that comprise part of the Ruppert holdings on 7th Street, that ideas and thoughts keep popping up in everyone's minds as we walked through.

And thus an exhibition begins to develop itself.

To start, I really like this powerful piece by Joseph Barbaccia titled "Naked Aggression;" A piece that I first saw at Artomatic.

When we discussed it, one of the interns working on this exhibition (Adrian Schneck) came up with the brilliant idea that a terrific way to exhibit it would be by having the blade stabbed into one of the walls, and thus the penis carved out of the knife handle sticking out.

Barbaccia liked the idea, which now brings the logistical issue of how to do this without damaging the blade (get to thinking Joe).

I am also considering giving an entire wall on the second floor of the third building to Kelly Towles in order for him to decorate the wall in a logical follow-through to his Artomatic show and his terrific solo debut at David Adamson.

And Mark Jenkins gets a tree on the sidewalk, and the outside walls of the building and probably a floating piece on one of the ceilings.

And Alessandra Torres has sent me a blustery proposal for an installation in a room that just whispers her name when one walks in.

And he doesn't know it yet, but Charlottesville painter Michael Fitts, whose piece received the highest bid (over original estimate) at the last Corcoran auction, has a great spot reserved on a distressed wall on the top floor of the third building, atop a stairs leading to the space where a performance will take place as part of "Seven."

I am still reviewing work and will re-review all slides in the WPA/C Registry soon, and will continue to review additional entries until June 10. Entry is free for all WPA/C members; see details here.

New Art BLOG

PrettyCity is a docublog for DC street art (including graffiti and performance art).

The BLOG is open to submission and if you'd like to contribute, or send in photos of art you've seen or done (flickr links are good too) send them to daylightdrama@yahoo.com or dcstreetart@yahoo.com.

According to Mark Jenkins, the site's purpose is to document street art/expression in the DC area.