Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bailey Strikes Again

Bailey, the Quran (Koran), Art, and Hypocrisy on World Net Daily.

Read it here.

Tuesday Arts Agenda

DCist's Tuesday Arts Agenda is out.

Read it here.

Secrets in the New York Times

Another opportunity for all of those who dissed Art-O-Matic to eat crow.

Today's NYT has a piece by Sarah Boxer mostly focused on Frank Warren's PostSecret project, which made its first debut at the last AOM, then here with people's Top 10 lists, then at the Anne C. Fisher Gallery in G'town as part of Anne's Top 10 AOM list, and so on...

One of the best ways to prove negativity-driven mouthpieces wrong (just one of many ways), is success.

Congrats to Warren, and I know that this is not the last that we've heard of his project.


Olga Viso

To Olga Viso, the Hirshhorn's new director.

Read the news release here.

Es un gran honor para Olga y para nosotros...