Friday, June 03, 2005


I can't recall if it was Time or Newsweek, but a couple of days ago I read a piece in one of them about the newest BLOG in Cyberspace that ranks BLOGs by their celebrity status or importance.

There's an A-list, a B-list and a C-list...

It's all here.

And there are quite a few Washingtonians on the list too!

About Time...

Cudlin is back in the CP with a review of the Kehinde Wiley show at Conner Contemporary.

These are such a kewl couple of paragraphs (that an older art critic could have never birthed) because they deliver a great insight into the show:

As he once stated in an interview, "We live in an age where the distinctions between high art and popular culture are finally starting to melt. Thank God. In a sense, that’s the strength of my work."

As it turns out, it is. Wiley’s art is all about the erosion of such differences—between past tradition and present moment, masculine display and effete decoration, Fragonard and FUBU.
And (I for one) love having a skilled painter as an art critic (as well); an intelligent person who can quickly note that:’s almost hard to believe that Wiley uses oils, not acrylics. There is no slow accumulation of glazed transparent layers here — only the flat immediacy proper to commercial illustration.
But it is this paragraph that drives the show home for me:
The tendency of much postmodern art has been to reject old hierarchies by making artistic activity more conceptual, less dependent on any one ancient medium’s troubled history. Wiley shows us that sometimes the most radical act is to continue with the seemingly insupportable.
Bravo Wiley, Bravo Cudlin, Bravo Painting.


As you can tell from the relative brevity of postings, I have been incredibly busy with many things at once.

It will get better... I hope.

This weekend is the last weekend to see "Compelled by Content," which has really hit a new zenith for sculpture shows for us, and judging by the huge amount of discusssion it has caused in the online glass community, has also left an important footprint on fine art glass.

Laughing at Chris Burden

Laugh here.

Thanks Joe!

Hoi on Levy

The former Dean of the Corcoran College of Art and Design from 1991 to 2000 chimes in on the David Levy firing with a letter to the WaPo.

Read it here.