Friday, June 17, 2005

Georgetown Openings Tonight

The five Canal Square Galleries (Alla Rogers, MOCA, Parish, Fraser and Anne C. Fisher) will be having their new show openings or extended hours tonight.

The openings start at 6PM and go through 9PM. They are catered by the Sea Catch Restaurant and are free and open to the public.

We will be hosting mixed media pieces by Andrew Devlin, who was the winner of last year's Georgetown International Fine Arts Competition.

See ya there!

Cover the Penis

All the way in the earthquaky Left Coast I've been hearing about "Not the Knitting You Know" Sculptural Knitting and Crochet exhibition at Eleven Eleven Sculpture Space (located at 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue, in DC).

One reader emailed that this exhibition is a "cunning content-driven craft spectacle!"

The exhibition is curated by Binnie Fry and features work by: Ann Citron, Katharine Cobey, Jeanne Garant, Kathleen Holmes, Norma Minkowitz, Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette, Karen Paust, Carien Quiroga, Gayle Roehm, Blanka Sperkova, Alex and Viviana Santamarina, Ming-Yi Sung, Daina Taimina, Andrea Uravitch, and Joyce Zipperer.

The show has apparently caused some controversy, and I am told that the work of Ming-Yi Sung has been "sanitized" in order to keep it in the show. A reader notes that the "management didn't seem to mind the breast exposure, but the dicks had to be covered up."

She even crafted a cute little cod piece for her Hermaphrodite on the window sill.

And has put some fig leaf on others

The exhibition runs through September 10, 2005.