Monday, June 20, 2005

Art Job

Assistant Director: Irvine Contemporary Art.

Irvine Contemporary Art, a leading contemporary art gallery in Washington, DC, is seeking an Assistant Director for managing the operations of the gallery and assisting the Director in gallery planning.

Requirements: Applicants must have prior commercial gallery experience and have significant knowledge of contemporary art and the art market. Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and Adobe Photoshop necessary.

Position will begin mid-August, 2005.

Application process: Send an email cover letter and attached resume with description of background and experience to:

No phone calls. Gallery will follow up with phone calls and interviews.

Seven Update

Today, together with a few artists, one of the interns, and Kim Ward from the WPA/C and a photographer from the Washington Times, I walked the seven spaces at the Warehouse Gallery again.

We assigned some spaces already, and selected a few more artists. The WPA/C website will soon have the final list, which now includes Chan Chao, Adam Fowler, David Jung, Marie Ringwald, Rick Wall and many others.

I've also turned Mark Jenkins loose on the building, and I am sure that he will have an interesting tape people army present at the opening and for the duration of the show.

Now closing the loop on a drawing class that I want to have present at the opening. I have focused one of the seven galleries on the nude figure, and on opening night (June 30), I want to have a small drawing class present and drawing from a live nude model or two.


Got my rejection notice in the mail today for Radius250. Oh well!