Monday, June 27, 2005

Seven: Installation Day One

As with any large, multi-gallery exhibition, there were some hiccups on the first day of Seven's installation, which forced the move of a very visible spot to another area (thank God for a very flexible artist); plus the mysterious move of some artwork from one area to another; and the selected artist whom we all forgot to add to the master list; and the usual last minute broken glass...
Sarah Wegner Installing at Seven

Sarah Wegner installing her cement furniture and kissing tea set

And Mark Jenkins' tape sculptures have somehow moved from the tree in front of the buildings to the building itself!
Mark Jenkins Tape Sculptures for Seven
Mark Jenkins' Tape Sculptures on the facade of the building

Mark Jenkins Tape Sculptures for Seven
I like the guy looking down from the corner of the building

And below is Kelly Towles painting a wall in the second floor gallery...
Kelly Towles Painting a Wall at Seven

Contact your Senator

I have just learned that Senator Tom Coburn will likely offer a floor amendment in the Senate that would cut funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) by $5 million in FY 2006. I ask that you take a minute to contact your Senators and urge them to vote against this amendment.

As you may recall, the Senate Appropriations Committee on June 9 passed an amendment that increased FY 2006 funding for the NEA by $5 million.

However, Senator Coburn's floor amendment would remove this increase, thereby flat-funding the agency at this year's level.

We expect that Sen. Coburn will offer his amendment later today. The full Senate will likely vote on the amendment tomorrow morning. Please send a message to your Senators by 11 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, June 28, to ensure that they vote against this decrease in arts funding.

Contact your Senator here.

Early starts for Seven

Tres Marias by Mark Jenkins
Mark Jenkins installation for Seven, titled "Tres Marias," has already been installed in the trees outside the Warehouse Theatre and Galleries; inside Kelly Towles is already laboring on a wall, and Alessandra Torres will soon start on transforming a room.

Seven's opening is this Thursday starting at 6PM.

Art Critic Bingo

Here's how you start your Monday morning: Art Critic Bingo!

P.S. Thanks James!