Friday, July 01, 2005

Portrait of Campello by Roey Yohai, Washington Times
My Roey Yohai (Washington Times), portrait photograph.

Blogger in the news

Canadian art blogger Chris Zeke makes news in his hometown with an interesting (and funny) profile in the Montreal Mirror.

Openings tonight

Being the first Friday of the month, the Dupont Circle Galleries will have their joint openings and extended hours tonight from 6-8PM.

Of special interest is Conner Contemporary's John Kirchner: Certain Distance and Leo Villareal: new work.

JET Artworks will host Matthew Arnold, Knut Hybinette, Emily Noelle Lambert and Jason Robert Bell. Their nearby neighbor, Studio Gallery presents "Points of Tangency," which includes new glass sculptures by Michael Janis and Erwin Timmers, both of whose's work is included also in Seven (in fact Janis' piece in Seven was the first piece sold last night).

'Tis Over 'Tis Finished 'Tis Done

In spite of the humid weather, the opening for Seven went great, and I'd guess around 1,000 people floated in and out of the seven gallery spaces, several sales took place, the press showed up and took notes, and I am sure that more (sales and reviews) will happen during the next few weeks.

The drawing class, organized by Scip Barnhardt and some brave Corcoran art students, went well, and truly underscored the sense that I wanted to give to the room focused on the human figure.

Today I am truly exhausted, and (of course) have two openings to organize for our galleries in the next two weeks - it never ends!

The exhibition runs until September 9. Go see it!