Monday, July 11, 2005

New England

Today was a spectacular New England day; the kind of day that makes one realize why they called this part of the nation New England. It looked, felt and smelled like the Home Counties, but prettier! (And I know, as I spent six weeks in Harrogate, England a few years ago).

Lectures and presentations and conferences went well; and I heard a question from a billionaire that I'd have thought would never be asked by someone in her tax bracket; she actually asked: "How much is that?"

Live and learn.

Next: Airborne from New Hampshire to Philly and Joneseying something fierce.

Gallery Round-up

Kirkland has a set of new gallery reviews here.

Chalk 4 Peace

"Chalk 4 Peace" - Chalk Painting Competition

The Mayor's Office on Asian Pacific Islander Affairs, the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities and the Museum of Modern ARF are co-sponsoring a chalk painting competition at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library Promenade in Washington, DC on Friday, July 15, 2005 11:30 am - 4 pm.

More info here.


The "gun" fired by the punk in California that was heard around the art world and caused Chris Burden to freak out turns out to have been made of wood!

Read it here.

Burden, the shot and the whole event did inspire Bailey's I Shot Chris Burden online project.

Opportunity for Artists

Deadline July 31, 2005.

Afrika Midnight Asha Abney passes that there will be a community wide Art Exhibition at 21st & S St NW Washington, DC on 31 July. Free and Open to the public. Interested artists should contact Todd Smith at