Friday, July 15, 2005

Public Bailey

Bailey has an interesting public art project going on that is drawing some local attention.

See it here.


OK, OK... I know this is geeky, but tomorrow I'm spending all day at the International Comic Book Convention.

Openings tonite

The five Canal Square galleries in Georgetown will have their usual 3rd Friday openings tonite from 6-9PM. New shows or extended hours (6-9PM) by Anne C. Fisher, MOCA, Parish, Alla Rogers and Fraser.

We will host the artists selected by juror Jack Rasmussen for the 9th Annual Georgetown International. Jack will be awarding the cash awards around 7PM tonight.

The galleries are all inside the Canal Square at 31st Street, NW and M Street. Since I am in San Diego, I'll miss the opening, but go and see some art!

CNN on Seven

CNN videotaped a segment with Kim Ward, the Acting Executive Director of the WPA/C. The interview covered the history and mission of the WPA/C, a bit about Warehouse, a few shots of the show, and a plug for the Artist's Directory.

I do not have the schedule for the air times; hopefully next week. It will be on for the last five minutes at the top of the hour on CNN Headline News in certain markets. I do know that they will show the spot 8 times a day for one week before the show closes.

Blogspheric Grid

Anna L. Conti has a Blogospheric Grid of what some of the mugs in the Art Blogsphere look like.

See them here.

Borf arrested

Street artist Borf has been arrested. Read WaPo story here.

In San Diego

A while back, when I was trying to make reservations for this trip, I couldn't figure out why all the hotels were booked.

I have arrived in San Diego (tired and Joneseying), and discovered that the reason for the lack of hotels is the fact that this weekened is the world famous San Diego Comic Book Convention.