Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Plastic Photos

Herewith some photos from the Mark Jenkins opening last Friday. Later tonite I'm heading to Bergamot Station for some gallery meetings.

Catriona Fraser and Plastic Man

The fair Catriona Fraser

Paula and Kristina

DCAC's Kristina Bilonick and her friend Paula

Plastic Man assaulting Campello

Plastic Man Assaulting Me


Solarize This' Alexandra Silverthorne having fun

Lots more opening photos here and J.T. Kirkland's review of the show here along with reviews of several other shows.

Mark Jenkins plastic 1995 Honda Civic

And the famous car, wearing one of those red clown noses that have been popping in sculptures and statutes all over town

In La-la Land

I'm running on two hours sleep, exhausted and thinking of a yellow moon.

More later... I promise.