Sunday, September 04, 2005

Bailey on Katrina

If Art Blogs were eligible for Pulitzers, then I'd vote for Black Cat Bone, who is doing an amazing job reporting from inside the devastation and focused on the effects upon the area's art world.

Read it all here.

More Katrina Art Fundraisers

Two new artists in the below listing of area artists who are having artwork for sale/auction and who will donate the proceeds to a reputable charity to help with the Katrina disaster. If anyone else knows of anybody else, please email me. Be generous. The new artists are Heather Levy and Meghan Taylor. Also Solarize This has a kicking listing here.

Matt Achhammer

James W. Bailey

F. Lennox Campello

Warren Craghead

Paul Goode

Duane Kaiser and also here.

J.T. Kirkland.

Tracy Lee

Heather Levy.

Alexandra Silverthorne

Meghan Taylor

Samantha Wolov