Saturday, September 10, 2005

Tapeman Cometh

Mark Jenkins raised $410 dollars today for Habitat for Humanity's Katrina Relief Fund.

A special thanks to our upstairs neighbor, the lovely Anne C. Fisher, who threw in a couple of nice checks both to Mark's fundraiser and one to be added to our donation to the Southern Arts Federation.

Monuments, TV and Tape

Saturday schedule:

1. Drop daughters off at the Mall for sightseeing, museum hopping and monument visiting.
street sculpture by Mark Jenkins
2. Head to Alexandria for videotaping of ArtsMedia News' first segment: the Alexandria Festival of the Arts.

3. Head to Georgetown to Canal Square, where Mark Jenkins is having an installation "tape yard sale" going on from 12-6PM (lots of sangria and munchies). The Canal Square is at 31st and M Street, NW in G'town.

The Daughters of F. Lennox Campello

Vanessa, Elise, and Lennox Campello

The Campello sisters are in town