Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In San Diego

Aaaargh! no time to write... more later!

But while I am here, someone asked me where I get my models and references for my work. I have worked a lot in the past from the live model, but these days and for years now, I've been working mostly from photographs (I have a huge set of photos of models in millions of poses that I've taken over the years) as well as reference books for artists. My favorite in these is Thomas Easley's The Figure in Motion, where many, many of my drawings come from.

Like a lot of postmodernist artists, I also appropriate a lot of images from many sources that assault my visual senses everyday and I keep a file of pages and images that have been taken from magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc. to be re-worked at some point on a new idea, setting, process, etc.