Friday, September 30, 2005

Things that make me go Mmmmm...

Still in San Diego, working hard, but this weekend visiting some "galleries" in the San Diego and La Jolla area... and some thoughts about things that make me go mmmm...

• Art galleries that have a locked door and you have to be buzzed in, and once you are buzzed in, no one says a word to you.

• Art Bloger(s) who have a page counter, but then put it under a password to hide their number of visitors, lest we all discoverer what an insignificant number of people we all reach on a daily basis.

• Art galleries where it takes an Act of Congress to get a price list or a listing.

• Right wingers who opposed the invasion of the Balkan nations but who endorsed the invasion of Iraq.

• Left wingers who applauded the invasion of the Balkan nations but who opposed the invasion of Iraq.

• Washington museum curators who travel all over the world to see emerging artists' works, but who will not visit Washington galleries or area artists' studios.

• Newspaper culture editors who have seldom set foot inside a museum or art gallery in the city that they are supposed to cover.

• Newspaper art critics who do not write about their city's art and artists.

• Huge major local corporations who ignore local art groups pleas for help in funding, while some small businesses contribute generously.

• Art galleries with contracts where the artist is responsible for the cost(s) of an exhibition.

• Writers, commentators, critics and blogers who bitch about everything and anything without ever actually doing anything constructive to solve the issue at hand.

• Old right wingers who immediately dismiss anything that young liberals have to offer, while forgetting that most likely they were once young lefties.

• Young left wingers (who one day will most likely age into old right wingers) who boo and shout down anyone that they disagree with, all the while apparently espousing freedom of speech.

• People who have never run an art gallery, but who are always giving out advise on how to run one.

• Drivers who never use their turn signals.

• Senior citizens driving huge RVs, and who leave their turn signal on for miles and miles.

Grubs who come into the gallery, head straight for the food and wine, grab some of each and go back outside without even a glance at the artwork.

• Otherwise law-abidding citizens who think it is OK to leave their dog shit on your lawn.