Thursday, October 06, 2005

Options 2005 Opening Tonight

Anybody who is anybody in our area's visual arts universe, and maybe even those who only frequent the same 2-3 galleries, but comment in general terms about all of our galleries and area artists, will be at the Options 2005 opening tonight.

I have my usual Thursday night martial arts class (and I missed last week's because of California travel), so I will miss the opening. The reception is from 6:30-8:30PM at the former Staples store in Georgetown (located at 3307 M Street, NW).

Someone please email me some comments and/or some photos of the opening.

New Blog

Andrew Wodzianski, who will be having his second solo exhibition with us opening next October 21st at our Georgetown gallery, will really be pushing the technology button in this coming exhibition through the use of innovative audio technology advances.

And in the next few weeks, our local media and you all will be hearing a lot in the DC area about Yellow Arrows.

More on that and Andrew's exhibition later; meanwhile, The Zodiac Group has a new variation on the art blog with Wodcast: A Blog dedicated to the use of technology for artist and audience interaction.

Visit Wodcast here.

Holy Cow!

I once warned people not to piss off that amazing human word-processing Carbon unit known as Bailey.

Read the evidence here.

Additions to the collection

Last night I went to the Art-O-Matic happy hour at Warehouse, and while there, I ran into Alexandra Silverthorne, who was busily hanging her show upstairs. Alexandra has one of the three second floor galleries; the other two being filled by the intelligent work of Joe Barbaccia and Pat Dunning.

So I went upstairs to look the work, and came away with two of Alexandra's photographs, which by the way: are a steal; and which by the way: are one of a kind Holga silverprints; and which by the way: she's donating half of the proceeds to Empower DC, Project Northstar, Charlie's Place, and other local organizations that provide services to DC's low-income and homeless residents.

The two photos I bought

The three person show is up for viewing now at Warehouse, and the opening reception is Thursday, October 13th, 6-8PM. Preview Alexandra's work here.

Looking for some couples

Chris Combs is a photojournalism intern at the Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive and a photojournalism student at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, and he's working on a project documenting both inter-racial (Caucasian, Black, Asian and Native American) and inter-ethnic (Hispanic, Arabic, Persian, Laplander, etc.) couples and "the struggles they face in a surprisingly skeptical society."

Interested couples can contact Chris via email or call him at 703/304.8241