Thursday, October 27, 2005

UVA and Cuban Art

Slowly but surely, the University of Virginia Museum of Art is acquiring an interesting collection of Cuban art.

Yesterday, an exhibition titled "Mi Cuerpo, Mi PaĆ­s: Cuban Art Today," curated by Andrea Douglas opened at the museum, and includes work by the leading vanguard of Cuban artists in the world.

Some of the works in this exhibition are on loan from us, or have been acquired by the Museum in the past couple of years.

Cuban artists in the exhibition that we represent include:

Aimee Garcia Marrero

Elsa Mora

Cirenaica Moreira

Marta Maria Perez Bravo

Sandra Ramos

The exhibit runs through Dec. 23rd and there's a gallery talk on November 5 at 2PM.

The Kids Aren’t All Right

Is over-education killing young artists?

Read this interesting piece by Aaron Rose here.

Gallery Talk

Andrew Wodzianski, whose current show at our Georgetown gallery is getting a lot of attention due to its marriage of technology for immediate feedback to the artwork, will be having a gallery talk this coming Saturday, October 29th at 1 PM.

The talk should be interesting, if anything because of the significant number of recorded and text comments that AW has received so far, as well as his unusual interest in Mexican wrestling.

The talk is free and open to the public. The gallery is at 1054 31st Street, NW inside the Canal Square in Georgetown. 202/298-6450.

Arts Beat

Jonathan Padget with further proof that our area's visual arts scene is one of the best around. Read it here.

Too bad the WaPo continues to ignore it. Thursdays used to be "Galleries" day in Style. In the year since they cut the "Galleries" column from weekly to twice a month, the WaPo's new Style editor (Ms. Deb Heard) has consciously decided to keep Style's coverage of art galleries down to a bare 25 or so reviews/columns a year!

There are over 1,000 visual art shows in the DC area each year in our commercial fine art galleries, non-profit visual art spaces, embassy venues, cultural institutes, etc.

It's certainly not "lack of print space," which is generally the excuse that the WaPo has given me in the past. In today's Style there are three music reviews and two theatre reviews.

All this on the day that Style is supposed to focus on "Galleries."

And an Arts Beat column telling us how good our art scene is, which now includes good apartment shows, like they have in NY and LA.


Might as well add those to the ever growing list of visual art shows that will be ignored by Style's ever diminishing coverage of our visual art scene.

25 yearly reviews/columns from a potential set of 1,001 exhibitions, and counting.


A couple of days ago I mentioned in my review of Options 2005 that it seems like Suzanna Fields is all over the place these days, in the sense that I keep seeing her work in exhibitions all around the region.

Another artist whose name suddenly is everywhere is the talented Jiha Moon, who's not only the most recent winner of the prestigious Trawick Prize, but who has also been exhibiting (and selling) all over and everywhere!

And Moon's works will be taken to Scope Miami by Curator's Office (who is also taking Marianela de la Hoz.

But what brought her name to my attention today is that Moon will also be part of the University of Maryland's Union Gallery exhibition titled Boundaries: Contemporary Landscape, on view November 10 through December 22, 2005.

The exhibition features four Washington, D.C. area artists - Karey Kessler, Isabel Manalo, Jiha Moon, and Christine Buckton Tillman. The opening reception will be held Thursday, November 10 from 5 to 7pm.

Silverthorne on Wodzanski

Alexandra reviews the Wodcast Revolution here.


Bailey, Bailey, Bailey...

Never, ever, ever, ever... piss off (or give a valid reason to piss off) Bailey.

Bailey, color-named artish wannabes scribes, The Getty, art gossip (bullshit), boring museum burocrats.. yawn....

Read it here.