Monday, October 31, 2005

News Break!

The Style section has a visual arts review on a Monday!

P.S. No, not a DC show silly, it's a Brooklyn Museum restrospective of a Canadian photographer.

Burtynsky is 6 feet 2 and, aside from a graying goatee, he doesn't look particularly artsy, nor is there anything pretentious or obscure about the way he discusses his work. He could pass for upper management at some small business where it's always casual Friday, which is actually what he was, for a while. In the mid-'80s he started a photographic printing company called Toronto Image Works, which he still owns and which now has 35 employees.
News Break II
We're philistines!

News Break III

The WaPo's former Chief Art Critic on Monica Castillo at NMWA.

The WaPo's current Chief Art Critic on Turkish Imperial silks Putting on a dazzling show at the Sackler.

Openings this Week

I'll be updating these openings later and adding some more events...

On the first Friday of the month, the Dupont Circle area art galleries have their extended hours and openings. Don't miss Christine Kesler's "New Directions," opening at Irvine Contemporary with a reception for Kesler from 6-8PM. The show runs through November 26. At Kathleen Ewing, Michael Gross opens his show "Sources," with a reception also from 6-8PM. The show runs through December 30. Over at Aaron Gallery, the fair Sabrina Cabada exhibits her latest paintings and has a reception from 6-9PM. At Conner, Wayne Gonzales has new paintings and the opening is from 6-8PM.

Over in Georgetown, the fair Anne C. Fisher exhibits Far Flung in her Canal Square gallery. The show includes a recent travel collage series by Marcie Wolf-Hubbard, photo transfers by Laura Seldman and intriguing maplike drawings by Karey Kessler. Opening reception is 6-8PM.

German abstract artist Roswitha Huber opens Saturday, Nov. 5 at Nevin Kelly Gallery with a reception from 5-8PM. The exhibition runs through the 30th. Also on Saturday, William Willis and the very talented Mary Early have an opening reception from 6:30-8:30PM at Hemphill.

On Sunday, November 6 at 2-5PM in Target Gallery in Alexandria, there's a talk with curator Ginny Friend about the current "Hardware" show at the gallery.

Yuriko Yamaguchi

One of our area's most elegant and interesting artists, Yuriko Yamaguchi returns to Numark with a show titled "Return." That exhibition opens on Friday, Nov. 14 with a reception from 6:30-8PM at Numark's beautiful award-winning space. The show runs through December 17, 2005.