Sunday, November 13, 2005


I am somewhat amazed as to the number of visits that DC Art News gets from all over the world (from outside the DC area that is).

We're now approaching around 1,000 visitors a day, and a random check on the world map shows visits from all over the planet.

See the 100 most recent visitors here.

Power of the Web

Terry Teachout in the Wall Street Journal: "You, Too, Can Be a Critic - Regional arts journalists now have competition -- the 'artblog'"

"Few regional papers, after all, can afford to hire more than a handful of arts staffers, and even fewer editors know enough about the arts to make informed hiring decisions, much less intelligently oversee the writers they do hire."
Read it here.

Bootcamp today

I'll be at Warehouse all day co-presenting the "Success as an Artist" seminar, also known around these parts as Bootcamp for Artists.

This seminar is fully booked, but we have a wait list for the next one. Email Catriona for details.

More later...