Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tate on TV

Around Town has a piece on Tim Tate currently running on WETA TV. See it online here.

It will also be on TV tomorrow (Wednesday evening) at 10:52PM.

The Vlogging Revolution

DMV artist Rob Parrish is a Vlogger and Hopper Video is his Vlog.

Vlogging (aka video podcasting) should be of interest not only to video artists but to all artists and art venues in general. The key event that has made posting video so attractive is that there are now several sites that will host your video for free. This eliminates worries regarding bandwidth issues. If you're interested check out FreeVlog. It is a very well done guide to vlogging.

And I agree with Rob Parrish in that Vlogging has some potential for artist self-promotion, especially since it can be done for free!

Anyway... Vlogs are essentially blogs that have video content in addition to text. And like podcasts, you can subscribe to a vlog and have the videos downloaded to your computer via iTunes or via specialty vlog aggregators (Check out MeFeedia.com and also GetFireAnt.com).

Mefeedia has some interesting tools to search for vlogs. FireAnt comes with about thirty or so vlogs pre-loaded.

Another fun way to find vlogs, if you've got some time on your hands, is to go to vlogmap.org. There you will find a satellite picture of the world via Google Earth. On the picture are flags, and each flag represents a vlog's physical location and contains a link to the vlog. So, you can trot around the world checking out vlogs.

Soon, perhaps we will have all of our artists discussing their shows through an online video, and perhaps even sooner, we'll have online art bloggers doing our art criticism thing through a terrific marriage of words and video and imagery.

Can anyone else hear the end of the printed newspaper creep a little closer?