Thursday, December 01, 2005

Openings on 1st Friday

There's a ton of openings tomorrow, being first Friday and all...

Over in Georgetown, Addison/Ripley Fine Art has Wolf Kahn opening with a reception for Kahn from 6-8PM.

Also in Georgetown, Govinda Gallery has photographs by Mark Selinger in an exhibition titled "In My Stairwell." The opening reception is from 6-9PM.

And still in Georgetown, two of the Canal Square galleries are having openings from 6-8PM.

On the second floor of the Square, the Anne C. Fisher Gallery hosts a reception in honor of their well-received, current exhibition, South American Holiday. This lively exhibition by several South American artists is a feast for the eyes! It includes mixed media collages by Joan Belmar, paintings in acrylic on canvas and acrylic on paper by Patricia Secco, and monoprints, hanging paper constructions and the video Zapatos Blancos by artist Helga Thomson.

Under the Anne C. Fisher Gallery, our neighbor Parish Gallery opens a new group show with work by Floyd Coleman, Victor Ekpuk, Ron Flemmings, Liani Foster, Naza McFarren, Roberto Morassi, Deanna Schwartzberg, Stephanie Parish Taylor, and Yvette Watson.

On 7th Street, Zenith Gallery has the DC debut of Drew Ernst in an exhibition titled "Connected." The reception is Friday from 6-9PM and Ernst has an artist's talk on Saturday, December 3rd starting at 2PM.

Around Dupont Circle, Irvine Contemporary has Sean Foley: Rubes, Scuttlebutt & Loggerheads through December 31. The gallery will be part of the 1st Friday extended hours from 6-8PM, but the actual opening for Foley is December 9, from 6-8PM. Nearby neighbor Washington Printmakers has prints by Jenny Freestone, who teaches at the Corcoran. In addition to the extended hours from 6-8PM tomorrow, a formal opening for Freestone will be held Thursday, December 8, from 6-8 pm (and earlier there's aGallery Talk/Brown Bag Lunch on Thursday, December 8, 12-1 pm).

Most of the other Dupont Circle area galleries will also have extended hours from 6-8PM. Go see (and buy) some artwork!


Has Kiki Smith fighting Cindy Sherman.

See it here.

Bailey, Bailey, Bailey...

The Quilts as Stamps
Stamps of Quilts of Gee's Bend
Remember the superb Quilts of Gee's Bend exhibition at the Corcoran? (If you don't then click here).

Well they are soon to be USPS Stamps!


Warning: Own horn tooting coming next...

November stats show that DC Art News received over 22,000 visits and nearly 26,000 page views during the 30 days of November, as readership has more than doubled since the beginning of 2005. And MyBlog stats show that in the last week alone, DC Art News sent over 2,000 visitors to other sites through a link offered here.

Still a drop in the bucket, but always growing!

And it still cracks me up how several of our fellow online art bloggers now hide their daily stats (which were once visible) under passwords in order to hide our/their relative insignificance in the overall massive world of information dissemination.

Insecurity is a difficult thing to conquer; let's all keep growing.

Pot Calling the Kettle Black

In an interesting and well-crafted review of "The Art of Richard Tuttle" at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the WaPo's Chief Art Critic writes (italics mine):

"Hilton Kramer, then a famously conservative critic at the New York Times, took the show as the perfect occasion to release some of his trademark bile. He called the exhibition "irredeemable," "pathetic," "a bore and a waste."
Mmm... a review of the Pot's last couple of years' worth of art reviews may reveal a few violations of the Kettle's trademarks.

Breaking Down the Whitney Biennial List

A DC Art News reader has spent some time doing some research in breaking down the list of artists selected for the 2006 Whitney Biennial. As expected (considering the curators): lots of home movies, photography and sculpture/installation.

Other fun facts: The researcher counted two people from Cal Arts and five people from Houston, Texas. Also about four people were art critics as well as artists. There may also be a few gallery owners. Here's the breakdown (and also see updates at bottom of posting):

All over the place - Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla
? - Dawolu Jabari Anderson
Video - Kenneth Anger
Video - Dominic Angerame
Anonymous Collection
Video - Christina Battle
Video - James Benning
Video - Bernadette Corporation
Photography - Amy Blakemore
Video - Louise Bourque
Mixed Media on Canvas - Mark Bradford
Drawing and Photography - Troy Brauntuch
Video Installation and Drawing - Anthony Burdin
Video - George Butler
? - Carter
Performance/Happenings - Carolina Caycedo
Research Organization - The Center for Land Use Interpretation
Video - Paul Chan
Video - Lori Cheatle and Daisy Wright
Poetry/Photography/Multimedia - Ira Cohen
Video - Martha Colburn
Painting - Dan Colen
Photography - Anne Collier
Composer or Video - Tony Conrad
Performance and Lecture Group - Critical Art Ensemble
Photography/Mixed Media - Jamal Cyrus
Grass Roots Satellite Network - Deep Dish Television
Mixed Media/Installation/Painting -Lucas DeGiulio
Sculpture/Installation - Mark di Suvero and Rirkrit Tiravanija
Painting - Peter Doig
Video/Performance - Trisha Donnelly
Photography/Installation - Jimmie Durham
? – Maybe Sound art - Kenya Evans
Sculpture/Installation - Urs Fischer
Video - David Gatten
Video - Joe Gibbons
Sculpture/Installation/Drawing - Robert Gober
? - Deva Graf
Video/Photography - Rodney Graham
Sculpture/Mixed Media - Hannah Greely
Painting - Mark Grotjahn
Sculpture/Photography/Drawing - Jay Heikes
? - Doug Henry
Video/Sculpture/Photography - Pierre Huyghe
Printmaking - Dorothy Iannone
Sculpture/Installation - Matthew Day Jackson
Video - Cameron Jamie
Robotics - Natalie Jeremijenko
Music/Cartoonist - Daniel Johnston
Video - Lewis Klahr
Painting - Jutta Koether
Video - Andrew Lampert
Sculpture/Assemblage/Installation - Lisa Lapinski
Sculpture - Liz Larner
Photography - Hanna Liden
Video - Jeanne Liotta
Video - Marie Losier
Photography - Florian Maier-Aichen
Painting - Monica Majoli
Drawing - Yuri Masnyj
Performance/Video - T. Kelly Mason and Diana Thater
Photography/prints - Adam McEwen
Video/Poetry/Performance - Taylor Mead
Installation/assemblage - Josephine Meckseper
Photography/Painting - Marilyn Minter
Sound art - Momus
Sculpture/Drawing - Matthew Monahan
Painting - JP Munro
Photography - Jesús "Bubu" Negrón
Photography/Installation - Kori Newkirk
Drawing/Painting/Printmaking - Todd Norsten
? - Jim O’Rourke
Collaborators - Otabenga Jones & Associates
Must be a MultiMedia Video Installation - Tony Oursler and Dan Graham with Rodney Graham, Laurent Berger, and Japanther
Hybrid Sculpture/Painting - Steven Parrino
Painting/collage - Ed Paschke
Video - Mathias Poledna
Drawing/Sculpture/Installation - Robert A. Pruitt
Painting/Drawing - Jennifer Reeves
Sculpture - Richard Serra
Installations/sculpture - Gedi Sibony
2 artists named Jennie Smith.. One paints; one does glass. Who is it? - Jennie Smith
Photography - Dash Snow
Video - Michael Snow
"fictional artist, performer and art dealer" - Reena Spaulings
Mixed Media/Painting/Drawing - Rudolf Stingel
Photography - Angela Strassheim
Photography/Installation - Zoe Strauss
Video - Studio Film Club
? - Sturtevant
Painting - Billy Sullivan
Painting/Drawing - Spencer Sweeney
Video - Ryan Trecartin
Painting - Chris Vasell
Video - Francesco Vezzoli
Sculpture/digital manipulation - Kelley Walker
Sculpture - Nari Ward
Photography - Christopher Williams
2 artists with this name. One painter, one video - Jordan Wolfson
It’s a small Gallery - The Wrong Gallery
Video - Aaron Young

The Art Newspaper interviews the curators. Read it here.

Update: Chris from Zeke's Gallery comes through with some updates:

1. "Dawolu Jabari Anderson" is probably "Jabari Anderson."

2. "Carter" might be Rob & Nick Carter (but then again might not).

3. "Deva" might be a tag name for a GRAFfiti artist.

4. "Kenya Evans" appears to be more of a painter than anything else. See it here.

5. "Jim O’Rourke" is a member and the producer of Sonic Youth (the downtown NY noise band)

6. "Sturtevant" is here.

And Chris also can't find anything concrete for Doug Henry, and Jennie Smith.

Corcoran Director

Paul Greenhalgh is the new Corcoran director.

DC Art News extends a welcome to Greenhalgh and wishes him the best of luck in running the only DC area art museum that actually pays a little bit of attention to DC area artists.

Read the WaPo article here.