Friday, December 09, 2005

Bethesda Art Walk tonight

The snow has been cleared and the galleries will be open!

This is the second Friday of the month and thus it's the Bethesda Art Walk with 13 participating venues and with free guided tours.
Marianela de la Hoz
And we will have our annual Winter Group Show, featuring an entire gallery full of new work by the artists that we represent as well as invited work by several past competitions prizewinners.

We will also be showing three small miniatures by our latest artist that we're now representing: Marianela de la Hoz.

If you recall, I fell in love with her work when I first saw it at the Mexican Cultural Institute a while back. I then visited her in San Diego, and now she will be part of our represented artists. For this group show she has created three small egg temperas with the usual play on imagery and words that attracted so much attention at the Cultural Institute and more recently at Scope Miami.

In this group show we will have three pieces by Marianela:

1. "Ideas Necias, mi cabeza-pelota bota" ("Stubborn ideas, my ball-head bounces") Egg tempera on board, 5.3 x 2.1 inches.

2. "Camina aparentemente libre" ("She walks pretending to be free") Egg tempera on board, 4.5 x 2.7 inches.

3. "Adiós de Tintorería" ("Farewell drycleaners style") Egg tempera on board, 5.3 x 3.1 inches.

More images of other artists here.

Naked Knitting

Remember the exhibition curated by Binnie Fry that caused all the ruckus because of the nudity in some of the crocheted figures? If not, see the original posting about it here.

Anyway, American Craft Magazine just published a review of that show.

Snowy Inspiration

For some reason snowy days seem to inspire me to get down and draw. And I was up and early this morning and finished the below, somewhat silly drawing.

It is titled "Woman on the Moon About to be Swept Off Her Feet by a Flying Bald Man." It is charcoal on 300 weight paper, and about six by five inches. It will be at my show, which opens next Friday at Fraser Gallery Georgetown.
Woman on the Moon About to be Swept Off Her Feet by a Flying Bald Man

See some of the other drawings that will be in the exhibition here.

The Police on D. Billy and Nathan Manuel

The world's number-one Google return for "anti Texas Longhorn"... ah... reviews D. Billy and Nathan Manuel at DCAC.

Read it here.

By the way, the artists will be having a talk at DCAC on Sunday December 11 at 5PM.

Over at Anacostia

I am hearing good things about the current exhibition at the Anacostia Museum: "Reclaiming Midwives: Pillars of Community Support"; the main exhibit focuses on the story of African American midwives.

Authentic Art has a great posting about the show; read it here.

Camille Mosley-Pasley, one of DC's best photogs is in the show (disclaimer: Camille is in my own private collection and we have sold her work through Sotheby's).

Studio Space

Deadline to apply: December 16 (must be received)

The City of Greenbelt announces that two studios will soon become available through the City’s Artist in Residence program. This program is open to residents of Maryland working at a professional level in any visual arts or fine crafts medium.

The studios are located at the Greenbelt Community Center – a National Historic Landmark housing a professional art gallery, history museum, digital video and TV production studio, darkroom, fine arts and ceramics studios, and other resources.

Advantages for the artist include: 24-Hour access; Low cost: $142 and $213/month, based on square footage; HEAT and AC included; Ample natural light; Ample free parking; Teaching opportunities; Easy access from I-95, the Washington Beltway, and the Baltimore/Washington Parkway; Supportive environment: 10-12 Artists in Residence participating; Short walk to Café, independent cinema, library, lake trail, gyms and other amenities

Contact Nicole DeWald at 240/542-2057, or if you wish to request an application, tour, or additional information.


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