Thursday, December 22, 2005

Nepotistas Rule

As we'll soon begin to read the top ten lists in everything, including the visual arts, from both the newsprint media and the online voices, the ever present spirit of nepotism and the "good-ole-boy/girl-network" shall once again raise its phoenixal (is that an adjective? I love the English language!) head, and some of us in the inside/outside will shake our heads knowing that A is a good friend and/or drinking buddy of B, or C's wife works at the blankety-blank newspaper, etc.

Not always, and not all... but there anyway.

But it seems to have bitten the NYT in the butt this year, at least when it comes to their 100 Notable Books of the Year list.

So listmakers: we're watching!

P.S. And you readers: Watch me too!


WOW! This NYC gallery is in the hole $50 million samolians!

Read the article here (thanks AJ).

New art blog

New (new to me anyway) DC-based art blog: Matthew Langley.

Visit him often.

And Matthew has his end of year top ten list here.

Snail Art

The WaPo on Palimpsest at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Cornelius on the future of art criticism blogs are the most fascinating aspect affecting the edifice of contemporary art discourse, especially in the area of future market impact...
So wrote to me the fair Kathryn Cornelius in commenting about the whole "Critic on Criticism" post.

Cornelius' thesis at Georgetown touched on this area, and it's actually quite an interesting read. The thesis is titled "Creative Entrepreneuship: The Business Art and Art Business of Contemporary Artist Collectives."

Read it here.

Mama Love

Camille Mosley-Pasley, one of Washington's most active and innovative photographers, is looking for more moms of color and babies for her Mama Love book.

If you or someone you know has a baby, please contact Camille by e-mail ASAP. She's scheduling appointments for December 23 & 30. There will be two more sessions in January. Go here for details.

PostSecret on TV

Just saw an interview and a long segment (over five minutes) on MSNBC on Frank Warren's PostSecret exhibit!

And the fair Amy Robach even hinted that she'd mail in a secret.

See the TV clip here. Scroll down to bottom of page; the link is under "The Situation" banner and it's titled Post card confessions.