Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Facebook scares

I don't know why, but my Facebook profile always had this scary picture as part of the ads to the right of the profile. I write "had", because as soon as I clicked on the ad in order to get the below image for this post, it no longer shows up trying to sell me stuff to grow huge muscles.

These are supposed to be "smart ads" that learn about the person (me) and then try to show them ads that they think the person will like. They are the main, and only reason that Facebook is apparently worth $25 billion dollars.

I have news for whoever designs the logic that learns to make these "smart" ads: you're really fucking up when it comes to me.

I can clearly and honestly tell you that I don't want to look like Mal'akh (a.k.a. Zachary Solomon, the estranged son of Peter Solomon in Dan Brown's impossible to put down thriller The Lost Symbol, easily the best ever fictional (I think) literary work set in Washington, DC).

If you haven't read the book and love weird, slightly historical thrillers which teach you a lot about DC's buildings and architectural historical provenance, buy one here.

1 comment:

Carl Wright said...

Listen to the nurtional supplement people; they think every guy wants to be a monster like that.

Ask your wife, is the guy pictured a "chick magnet"? think not.