Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday Funnies (ahem) Stamps

I know I'm gonna get killed for this, but here I discussed when I detected possible pornography in the American stamp issue of Sunday Funnies, and here I broke out one of the first two possibly sexualized panels (yay!) in our sexy nation's stamps history.

But as Tery Gilliam predicted in his groundbreaking film Brazil, all of you are too chicken to come forward (other than the dozen plus emails I've received... offline) to "see" the Onanist issue here.

Wait till tomorrow for me to tell you what Odie The Onanist is doing.


Wilburrrrrrrr said...

OK this joke is for da Lenster ...since this is the second time you made me look at a dog choke the chicken, here's an image to get stuck in YOUR head for the rest of the day

2 guys are watching a dog lick his balls

first guy says "I wish I could do that"

2nd guy "I don't think the dog is gonna let you"

ba doom boom

Lenny said...

Good revenge!!!