Thursday, April 28, 2011

Go see this Saturday

Three major DMV artists showing at Reston's gorgeous GRACE.

Place: Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE)
Date and Time: Saturday April 30, 5-7pm
Address: Greater Reston Arts Center, at the Reston Town Center,12001 Market Street, Suite #103 in the DMV's burb known as Reston.

Challenge for the WaPo's freelancers: make your way out to this exhibit and impress us all.


jhcudlin said...

At this point, you mean Kriston Capps, right? He and Mark Jenkins are the only two writing about galleries, I think. For me it's a conflict of interest; otherwise, I'd be happy to help.

Lenny said...

I know, I know... although I don't really see the conflict of interest, since you're associated with a 503(c)... bummer.

jhcudlin said...

We're a non-profit, but we sell what we show and take a commission on those sales--and in this specific case, I've actually sold artwork by Carolina Mayorga, so this would be a no-go on all sorts of levels.

Lenny said...

Stop coming up with all these valid excuses!