Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Artomatic baby!

Now that the Big Bang of (e)merge and 30 Americans has taken the DMV by storm and following in the footsteps of the DMV's amazing Artomatic's footsteps, Artomatic @ Frederick opens its doors on September 28 and runs through November 6.

Artists are occupying 27,000 sq ft in the former Frederick County Public School Central Office Building at 115 E. Church St. in historic downtown Frederick. This mega, mega, mega arts event includes 300+ visual artists and 100+ performing artists.

Did you get that performance art lovers?....... 100+ performing artists!

A ribbon cutting ceremony and "Meet the Artists" night is being held on Saturday, October 1, starting at 5 PM. More information:!

Five gets you ten that the WaPo ignores this...


Anonymous said...

Probably right about the WAPO, Lenny! Think you'll make it up there to give us the experienced eye and the nitty gritty details on this Artomatic spin-off?

Rogerrr said...

It's a great show...very cool funky building right by all the restaurants. One nice thing is that it's still big enough to have a lot of variety...but it's a much more manageable size for people who want to see the show in one visit.

It's also mostly a new crowd...there are some Artomatic veterans like me, but there are a ton of new faces.

Rogerrr said...

one more thing...the Washington Post might not cover Artomatic in Frederick....but the Frederick News Post will

the Frederick News Post is pretty supportive of the art community -- that's one of the nice things about the art scene in Frederick

They have published multiple articles on shows I did in Frederick.

I have already seen one reporter exploring the building during installation & interviewing artists for an article ( comes out this week I think...probably in their "72 hours" weekend section ).

Anonymous said...

went there yesterday

getting there was a pleasant drive, beautiful scenery on the way, and the art was great

Beth Krynick said...

I'm in this show and I went to it yesterday! Everyone's exhibit is so amazing! Definitely worth the trip!

Anonymous said...

By the way, if anyone from the Potomac area goes up to the show (hint) I would recommend going out River Road...then pop over on Seneca Rd to Rt 28...then take Rt 28 to Rt 85....85 takes you right into Frederick where you will eventually turn left onto Market street and go to the show.

Not as fast as 270, but more farms and more scenery - AND this is an excellent time of year for a drive in the country

Also, anyone from Potomac with a young adorable child ( hint, hint) might also enjoy this route in the spring/summer to take aforementioned adorable child to Lilypons & admire the ponds & flowers there off rt 85.

If there's anyone in Potomac with a young adorable child who is also fond of Cuban food...such a person could do much good if said person informed the masses of good Cuban food in Frederick as I have been sad to hear everyone's favorite Cuban Restaurant(" That Cuban Place") closed recently.