Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Art Festival Directory

The most important business decision an artist makes is choosing the art festivals in which to participate. The process can be difficult, frustrating...and time consuming. And trying to compare many festivals can often be a confusing process, with subjective reviews and recommendations that may not relate to an artist's needs.

That's where The Art Festival Directory with Show-Rate comes in.

The Art Festival Directory includes detailed, complete information on more than 1,200 festivals nationwide--and growing daily. The information is provided by the festivals themselves--with up to 50 separate elements in each detailed listing. So local DMV area festival organizers should check this out and ensure their festival is listed.

The Directory's search capabilities are robust: artists can use one or more top-line search criteria, retrieve summaries, then look at each festival's details. Artists can view their search results in listing, calendar and map formats...or all three!

And, yes, it's all completely free!

Each festival that chooses to be included in our exclusive evaluation system also carries in its listing a SHOW-RATE score, from 0 to 100, that tells artists how the festival compares with other festivals in 27 separate categories.

A festival's SHOW-RATE score is calculated by comparing its characteristics with those voted by artists nationwide as their choices for what makes the perfect show. No individual show reviews are included, nor are sales for individual artists.

SHOW-RATE has a single goal: to give artists an authoritative, comprehensive and easily understood tool to use in evaluating festivals for themselves. SHOW-RATE is free, too.

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