Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Google's new search by image function

I'm loving Google's new search by image capability. Now you can drop an image into the search box and it not only finds all "similar" images around the Internets, but also all the websites where that image is being used.

Using that function, I've discovered that many of my drawings are being used all over the place without my permission, and I've only researched about a dozen or so pieces.

Victorious PictExample: "Victorious Pict" is a decade old drawing that was part of my Pictish Nation show at the old Georgetown Fraser Gallery.

After using the Google function, I've discovered that the drawing is in use by all these websites all over the planet.

Go play with it.

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JB Haber said...

I've also discovered a few of my photos being used around the globe that way. But here's a creative use of the image search feature: We've inherited several old lamps that I wanted to begin to research. I'm interested in determining their value to decide what to do with them. (We don't really like them). I dragged a photo to the Google image search field, and it couldn't find anything. But Google prompted for the entry of search words to accompany the image. After entering the word "lamp", I was surprised to see several similar (although not exact) photos. Clicking through to a few of the photos led me to some interesting web sites about lamps, lamp stores and lamp appraisal sites. Pretty cool!