Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Things that make me go Uh?

As a former rock-throwing liberal who's evolved into a social progressive and a fiscal conservative, and thus feels more relaxed now as a registered independent voter who's seldom seduced by the dogma of both nutty ends of our major parties, I went to vote today knowing that as a registered independent I would not be able to cast my vote in Maryland for either the Democrats or Republican candidates for anything.

"What party sir?", asked the nice lady at the voting station. I told her that I was an independent.

"Then you are aware that you'll only be voting for the Board of Education candidates?" she added.

"I know," I responded.

"Some people have been surprised and upset by that," she expanded as she handed me the plastic card with an embedded chip in it.

"Why?" I asked. "It was clear to me that as a registered independent, Maryland is one of those states that doesn't allow us to vote for Democrats or Republicans during the primaries."

She looked at me, almost expecting me to figure out the great illogical consequence of what I would figure out next.

And I did.

"But wait!" I almost shouted, and the nice old lady behind me in line jumped back a little. "Why can't I vote for independent candidates?" I looked at her, already knowing that she had heard this song before.

"Doesn't make sense does it?" she sighed. "People have been complaining all day."

What's up with that Maryland?

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