Friday, May 25, 2012

Art Scam Alert

A DMV area painter recently received the below art scam email - this is a new twist:

From: Murphy Lawrence <>
Date: Fri, May 25, 2012 at 5:31 AM

Dear Sir/Ma,

I got your email through the employment database. In the past,
 you either posted your resume online or applied for a job that was
similar to the one that I am hiring for.

I am looking for someone who can handle my personal and business
errands during his or her spare time.
I need your service because I am constantly traveling abroad  on
business. I own an Art Gallery that specializes in international art.

Your Responsibilities are below.

1.   Receive my mail and correspondences. Drop them off at the post
office or shipping center.

2.   Pay my bills on my behalf and sit for delivery at home.

4.  When you get my mail or package, you would mail all items  to
where I want them shipped. .All expenses and shipping charges will be
covered by me.

The contents of the packages are mostly art materials and paintings.
In addition, there will be clothing I need for business and personal
letters. No heavy packages are ever delivered!

I would love to meet  with you to discuss this job in more detail,
but I am currently away on business to Taiwan.  If you decide to
accept the position, please read the employment requirements listed


A. You Must be a honest human.

B.  Your Work hour ls only for 15 and 20hrs a month

C  You must be able to check your email 3 to 4 times daily


In closing, I have a couple of questions for you.
First, If I were to mail you money to do my shopping plus an upfront
payment for your service, where would you want it mailed to?
Second, how would  you like for your  name appear on the money or check?
Maybe you can provide me with the following details below










 Bank Name(for direct deposit of some payments):

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