Sunday, June 03, 2012

PG Acquisitions at AOM

As I discussed here, PG County announced their intention to make significant purchases of artwork by Prince George's County artists at this year's Artomatic. These were my recommendations for them to acquire:

Matt MacIntire
Nancy Donnelly
Ric Garcia
Robert Kincheloe
Ellen Cornett
Michael Janis
Jessica Murray

And on Saturday PG County announced their acquisitions - three of the artists chosen (Rania Hassan, Sean Hennessey and Bert Pasquale) were on my overall AOM recommended list - I just didn't realize they were also PG County artists, otherwise they would have been on the above list as well. I think the County really blew it by not acquiring one of Ric Garcia's intelligent take-offs on Hispanic labels, but then again, all the artists below deserve nothing by well-earned congratulations and the County deserves a huge thank you! from the DMV arts community by showing that when it comes to the visual arts, PG County puts their money where their mouths live and they set a great example for all the other counties in the area, including one of the wealthiest counties in the US (my own Soviet Socialist Republic of Montgomery County), which is (as usual) reticent to invest attention (much less dollars) upon its artists.

Ellen Cornett                                      “No Puppets”                                    Pastel on paper
Matt Deal                                            “Machinery”                                      Blown glass
Eric Eldritch                                         “Elementals I”                                   Acrylic on sandpaper
Eric Eldritch                                         “Elementals II”                                  Acrylic on sandpaper
Rania  Hassan                                     Six Panels from“Knit Dress”         Acrylic & Fiber on Canvas
Sean Hennessey                              “Hopes and Dreams”                      Glass, Concrete, Paint, Steel, LED
Jessica Murray                                  “Untitled”                                           Mixed media on paper
Bert Pasquale                                    “Final March”                                     Photograph
Bert Pasquale                                    “Final Flight”                                       Photograph
Ishmail Reaves                                 “Microphone”                             Acrylic on canvas                             
Ronnie Spiewak                               “Landfall”                                            Collage
Washington Glass Studio                   “Fractal Panel”                                  Glass, paint, light
Curtis G. Woody                               “Just Beyond the Sunset”            Mixed media collage

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