Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Update: The Koreas battle!

You'll never see this sort of Olympic coverage in the mainstream media:

Good news for the weirdo who runs the starving Communist Workers' Paradise of North Korea: You guys have won 4 medals as of today - including 3 golds! Those winners have it "made for life now" (or DPRK's life expectancy of 68 years)...

Bad News: The Democratic economic powerhouse to your South has won six! And their life expectancy is 80 years! And they don't threaten their athletes if they don't win... Go ROK!

Oh No!

Heads will roll!

PS - Japan has 11 the hard way... China doesn't count because we all know they cheat with junk they inject into their athletes' bodies (like East Germany and the old USSR did for decades) but we won't figure out how they do it for another two decades...

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