Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Local College Artists now at Hillyer

Local College Artwork, Fresh Perspective
College students studying the visual arts spend time developing work which may pose questions and  offer possibilities for themselves, and for all of us, in this age of information. This is a small survey of work done by students who craft honest, expressive responses to the world they observe and live in. Life trumps art, but art insists, sometimes with bravado and sensuality, sometimes with subversive humility and humor, on being considered for what it is: one of the few great disciplines which merits a lifetime of study. 

Participating artists include Adam Void, Aselin Lands, Autumn Moran (featured), Brittany Moore, Cathleen Sachse, Dan Perkins, Dandan Luo, Larry Cook, Paullette Palacios, Peter Miller, Rebecca Harlan, Samantha Fein, Samual Scharf, Temme Barkin-Leeds, Travis Poffenberger, Veronica Melendez, and Wesley Clark.

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