Thursday, October 25, 2012


Anonymous Was A Woman is an unrestricted grant of $25,000 that enables women artists, over 45 years of age and at a critical juncture in their lives or careers, to continue to grow and pursue their work. The Award is given in recognition of an artist's accomplishments, artistic growth and the quality of her work.  It is not need-based.

The name of the grant program, Anonymous Was A Woman, refers to a line in Virginia Wolf’s A Room of One’s Own. As the name implies, nominators and those associated with the program are unnamed. The award was begun in 1996 in response to the decision of the National Endowment of the Arts to cease support of individual artists.  

$ 25,000. grant

2012 Award Winners:

Ann Agee
Uta Barth
Andrea Fraser
Jane Hammond
Mary Kelly
Judy Pfaff
Betye Saar
Lorna Simpson
Jessica Stockholder

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