Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Write Home Soon

For an upcoming exhibition at the Art Museum of the Americas, local student Mark Strandquist worked alongside individuals in prisons, shelters, libraries, studios for disabled artists, senior citizen facilities, mental health clinics, universities, high schools, museums, and a multitude of other locations to create hundreds of postcards all of which will be included in the upcoming AMA exhibition. 

Opening Reception, October 25th, 2012 6-8PM 

Write Home Soon, by Mark Strandquist, is an ongoing project that bridges public installation with social practice methods.  The project includes interactive public installations, citywide workshops, and an exhibition of participant created postcards depicting places—mental, physical, metaphorical—that individuals have lost access to in their lifetime.  These postcards will be mailed to the Art Museum of the Americas and exhibited from October 25th, 2012 to January 13th, 2013. 

Write Home Soon was selected by the Washington Project for the Arts and curator Raquel de Anda to be exhibited as part of the AMA's upcoming 2012-13 exhibit "Ripple Effect."  The exhibit showcases international artists and collaborations that aim to incorporate viewers as direct participants, address pressing social issues, and blur the boundary between artistic practice and social engagement. 

Hundreds of Postcards from all over the DC Metro area have been mailed into the Art Museum of the Americas to be included in the upcoming exhibit. 

Workshop / partner locations (nearing 70) have included prisons, shelters, libraries, mental health and addiction recovery clinics, studios for disabled artists, Arts for the Aging, Habitats for Artists, the Corcoran Museum of Art, We Are Family, Street Sense, Space of Her Own, Books to Prisoners, Free Minds, Miriam’s Kitchen, a variety of museums, local universities and schools, art centers, independent galleries, and more. 

Want to participate? Then hurry and send your postcard to:

Write Home Soon
Art Museum of the Americas
1889 F Street, NW
Washington, DC, 20006

Opening Reception: October 25, 6-8PM  

Mark Strandquist is a multi-media artist and curator currently based in Richmond, Virginia.  His work has been featured in various film festivals and independent galleries as well as an upcoming exhibit at the Art Museum of Americas in Washington, DC. He is currently working on a BFA at Virginia Commonwealth University. 

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