Thursday, September 19, 2013

Warning to Artists

I know a lot of you have artwork on Saatchi Online... so:
Dear Artist,

We have recently been contacted by someone called Sophie Dare who is claiming to want to acquire a lot of works by Saatchi Online artists. I have subsequently discovered that she is contacting artists directly and asking to buy multiple works from them and offering all kinds of incentives. We have heard that one artist (not from Saatchi Online) sent her many works a while ago as part of an agreement and never got paid.

So we would strongly advise not to respond to any emails from this person.

We are very sorry about this and are trying to be as vigilant as possible with cases like this in order to protect Saatchi Online artists.

Rebecca Wilson
Chief Curator and Director of Artist Development, Saatchi Online
Director, Saatchi Gallery

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